Growing my own Carrot Greens is Totally Happening

So, it’s been almost a week and I am excited to report, that one carrot has sprouted the beginnings of a green tuft. I was beginning to think this would be a Pinterest/home gardening fail (neither experiences would be new to me), but hope lives! 

On a more serious note, I am enjoying this experience because it is one more way I can reuse things in my life to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I am looking forward to trying more scrap food garden experiments!



Have you tried growing any foods from veggie odds and ends?

Update: the carrot greens grew great, until I went out of town and forgot to have someone water them. They were a shriveled sight when I returned after 4 days. Even more unfortunately, I neglected to photograph them as they were growing. Just imagine them with beautiful, tall greens; the envy of any garden grown carrot.


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