Local Food Envy

Right now I’m on vacation and still struggling with productivity issues. Who would have guessed? But, my current moment of frustration is seeing all the local food available near my husband’s family. His hometown is smack in the middle of California’s agricultural communities and has a pretty big Farmer’s Market that takes place twice a week! We’ve gone twice since we’ve been here and the selection is amazing. There’s an entire certified organic half and then a regular half. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to have this kind of selection on a regular basis.

Just a taste of what we had:

Image Image depalma


These are just a smattering of what we tried and loved, there were many more produce items and great local food products. I would really like to eat more in season produce and start cooking seasonally and having access to a Farmer’s Market like this would sure make it easier. Also, purchasing from local growers and not from grocery stores who often go through a middle man, is a great way to participate in an alternative to the global food system. I am definitely looking forward to my local Farmer’s Market opening soon when we’re home.

Do you find ways to step outside the global food system? Does standing outside the global food system matter to you? How do you eat seasonally? Any other folks dealing with limited resources? I’d love to hear about your food experiences!!!

Image Credits:
Afghani Boloni from the Boloni and Sauce website – love their Boloni!!!
Apricots from wikipedia
De Palma Cured Olives (SO DELICIOUS AND OLIVEY) from the DePalma Farms website
Green Figs image from the Food Blogga

*Note to self, remember to take pics of delicious food before eating…



  1. I’m lucky enough to live in west Cornwall, right at the south west tip of the British Isles and so far from ‘civilisation’ (in British terms) that it has a sefl-sufficient air. We have supermarkets in town, yes, but we only visit them once every 4 – 6 weeks for tins of food, cleaning stuff and cat food. But we do go to the local greengrocers and butchers every week for supplies. So, we get to eat local, cheap, delicous seasonal veg regularly. And, even better, when there is a glut we buy lots of stuff and preserve it: jams, pickles, canning etc. Isn’t it sad that it takes living a long way from a big city to get to enjoy real food? Seems to call into question the whole notion of a ‘civilisted’ society. 🙂

    • It’s so great that your local environment is able to really support eating local. It’s even more awesome that you’re familiar with techniques to store and preserve food when you have an overabundance of a product.

      In some ways, being further out from cities definitely encourages buying local eating more fresh ingredients. I definitely think there’s a balance and that when you live in a more harsh environment that is unable to produce a lot of fresh vegetables, being in a big enough city to have grocery choices.

      How did you learn to do preserves and pickling? I always wish it was something my family did so I could have learned how!

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