Wine is Wonderful

W and I have been on vaca – just in case you’ve wondered where I am. While on our vaca, we took a brief trip to Sonoma to taste some wonderful wine.

We were delighted and really enjoyed several of the places we tasted at. Our favorite, by far, was a wonderful winery called Gundlach Bundschu. If you’re wondering how to say this name, check out this awesome t-shirt they sell which uses icons for pronunciation.

Other than their great clothing selection, we really enjoyed the:

2010 Gewürztraminer

2008 Mountain Cuvee

2009 Tempranillo

2009 Zinfandel

The grounds at GB were beautiful and we really enjoyed biking through there on our wine touring that day. If you’re ever in the area, I would definitely recommend it.

Gorgeous grounds!

Our bikes!

Grape vines as we rode out

So true!

Hopefully I’ll blog again soon when the vaca is over.

Hope your fall days have been full of turning leaves, pumpkins, and frosty mornings!



  1. The bikes are just what I pictured! I love this!!

    And those shirts are so funny 🙂 One of the alum at book club said they used to make up rhymes like that when they lived in Japan. She lived in a city that looked like Fat Man, Skinny Man, Watching TV, Cooking Dinner. That's how she knew which train stop to get off on 🙂 Different but similar haha.

    Have fun on the rest of your trip!!

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