Watermelon Killer Chiller

My mom saw this recipe in her Rachael Ray Magazine and decided to pass it along to us. We checked it out, tweaked it, and LOVED it!

The original recipe:

Watermelon Killer Chiller

1 Watermelon (6lb)
12 oz Vodka
12 oz Lemon Lime Soda
1/2 c. Fresh Lime Juice

Slice off top quarter of watermelon. Scoop out flesh, puree and strain into bowl. Stir in vodka, soda, and lime juice. Use watermelon as punch bowl.

Our tweaks:
There are only two of us, so we cut up half a watermelon. 
Then we pureed the watermelon in a plastic pitcher with an immersion blender. 
We figured we wouldn’t drink it all at once, so we mixed the the juice of three fresh limes in the watermelon puree, but not the rest of the ingredients.

Then we poured some puree into glasses and added the soda and vodka to our individual glasses. We just eyeballed an amount that looked like it would taste good (definitely less than 12 oz). 

If you have time to let the watermelon puree chill before you mix and drink it, it tastes even better!


Make sure to use your extra watermelon puree in two or three days 😀

We didn’t let our puree chill, so we threw a couple ice cubes in


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