Whole Wheat Cinnamon Log

Okay, the title for this is still a work in progress. WM thinks we should call it a loaf, but I think that just makes it another bread. To me, this recipe is a cinnamon roll, but way healthier. It’s a whole wheat recipes so it’s healthier bread and the filling is made out of things that are totally good for you, like rolled oats and applesauce! You can’t call it a roll because it is not roll shaped, I don’t like calling a loaf because it’s more than that. So, I’m calling it a log. haha. Mine was definitely like a log in shape. Not a perfect shape, kind of lumpy and rectangularish. What do you think it should be?

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Log
1 c. water
1 large egg
2 tbsp nut oil
1.5 c. bread flour
1.5 c. whole wheat flour
3 tbsp dry milk
2 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp ground cardamon
1.5 tsp salt
2.5 tsp bread machine yeast
1 c. apple sauce
1.5 c. rolled oats
3 tbsp brown sugar
3 tbsp agave nectar (or more brown sugar if you don’t have agave nectar)
copious amounts of cinnamon
sprinkle of ground cloves

Add water, egg, nut oil, both flours, dry milk, 2 tbsp brown sugar, cardamon, salt, and yeast in bread machine pan. Add them in the order listed.

Set your bread machine for its dough cycle. Let your bread machine do all the hard work for you.

When your dough cycle has about 10 minutes left, combine apple sauce, oats, 3 tbsp brown sugar, agave nectar, cinnamon to taste (the oats should look dark brown when you add lots of cinnamon!), and a dash of cloves in a bowl.

Preheat the oven to 350.

When bread machine is done, flour a clean surface and roll out bread into a rounded rectangle shape. This doesn’t need to be perfect. Make sure to keep it at least 1/4″ thick in most places.

Spread the oat mixture on the rolled out bread.

Roll bread over itself until your spread loaf is all rolled up.

Pinch the edges up to the top so the filling doesn’t come out the sides in your bread pan. At this point, your log may look kind of like a present with pinched up edges.

Set in greased bread pan and allow to rise till the bread is almost as tall as the bread pan.

Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes. The internal temperature of the bread should read at least 190 degrees when it’s baked.

Gently flip the baked bread out of its pan and cool on a cooling rack.

Cut and enjoy!

Yummy and healthy!


  1. Oh wow, this is really gorgeous! I love the whole oats! Do you think this would work alright if I let the dough rise on the counter? I really look forward to having a bread machine someday!

    Cinnamon Oat Swirl Bread?

  2. Both of those are good titles. I like the swirl adjective in the title!
    Claire, I think that it would work just fine to let it rise on the counter. I would say let it rise like you would most bread. The dough cycle on the bread machine just takes the dough through the following cycles:
    5 minute knead/mix, 5 minute rest, 20 min knead, 60 min rise. so , maybe knead it when it says to knead it for however long it takes to punch it down and then let it rise in a warm place for the times it says. That sounds like it would work, right?
    Bread machines are awesome! If you look into acquiring any new kitchen appliances, it would be worth it. I got mine on amazon with free shipping!

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