How To Roast a Pumpkin – A Pictorial Guide

Happy Halloween!! 
Halloween is fun, but it’s not a huge holiday around our house. As you’ve probably guessed from my previous posts I’m a fan of fall in general. So, in honor of fall and kind of Halloween, I’m going to post an easy guide to how to roast a pumpkin. You might wonder why anyone would want to know how to roast a pumpkin. There are easy answers to this question, #1 It’s fancy to roast a pumpkin. Who doesn’t want to be fancy? #2 If you’ve ever found a recipe asking you to peel a pumpkin or winter squash and laughed/cried after trying it, you’ll want to read this #3 Roasting the pumpkin can add delightful flavor to any recipe. This method also works for almost any other kind of winter squash. The only one that I wouldn’t use this method for is a spaghetti squash. Also, just know if you roast a pumpkin before using it in a recipe, it won’t be as firm as the recipe calls for. I normally don’t mind because I HATE peeling raw pumpkins.

Step #1
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cover a baking sheet in aluminum foil and spray it with Pam.

Step #2
Select a wonderful pie pumpkin

Step #3 
Carefully cut said pumpkin in half

Step #4
Scrape all the seeds out of the center of the pumpkin. If you husband or significant other likes roasted pumpkin seeds as much as mine, put them aside to bake later.

Step #5
Place both halves face down on the prepared baking sheet

Step #6
Bake pumpkin for 30-40 minutes until it looks roasted and the skin is EASILY pierced with a fork

Step #7
Wait until pumpkin is cool to use in your recipe!

Use lots of pumpkin, it is super healthy with lots of Vitamin A!!!!

This year’s Jack O Lantern


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  1. That's very easy! I have been meaning to do something with pumpkin, you and Alli are always doing cool stuff with it. I have a butternut squash that I need to do something with, thanks for the easy guide!

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